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Mission Briefing - The Lone Agent

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Greetings agents!

We’re CELEBRATING the 21st Anniversary of Project I.G.I. with a special new mission briefing for you!

Game Director & Managing Director at AntiMatter Games, Rich Barham, Producer Adam Walenkiewicz & Cinematics & Video Lead, Richard Dawson, are back! Their mission? To delve into the solitary world of being a lone agent.

In this update the team takes you behind the scenes to show some of the steps taken to ensure I.G.I. Origins delivers the authenticity, pressure & nail-biting tension you would expect from operating alone behind enemy lines. Take a look at the video now and enjoy your sneak peek into the making of the game:

PLUS as it is the anniversary, we also wanted to give a shout out to Kim Jensen, the composer for the first two games. Kim kindly made a surprise appearance in our last video to talk about his experiences of working on Project I.G.I. & I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike, after you, the fans, told us how much the atmosphere from the sound design has stayed with you for these past 21 years. If you haven’t already seen the video you can see Kim here, roughly 3 minutes in :

The whole team at AntiMatter Games are so motivated by your continued support both for the original games and everything we’ve shown you of I.G.I Origins so far. Thank you!

Happy I.G.I.-versary Agents!

Gear up, and we’ll see you again soon for our next mission briefing.

The AntiMatter Team

Facebook: igioriginsofficial

Twitter: igi_origins

YouTube: AntiMatter Channel

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