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Mission Briefing#3 - The AMG Team

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Welcome agents, please take your seats for Mission Briefing #3!

At AntiMatter Games, we feel strongly about giving fans of I.G.I. sneak peeks into how the game is progressing, as a way of saying thank you for your continued support!

As our plan is to bring you updates directly from the development team, we wanted to introduce the people who will be doing this, so you know a bit about who they are and why they are such a perfect fit for I.G.I.! What better way to do this, than have them tell you what they loved most about the original game and the goals they have for I.G.I. Origins? Watch the Mission Briefing to see whether their best recollections match your own!

You’ll be hearing more from the team featured in Mission Briefing #3 as they share further favourite moments and memories over on our social channels. Follow our channels - Facebook, Twitter & Discord, so you don’t miss any of these & in the channels’ comments sections, share what you really loved about the original games, so we can see how they compare whilst having a brilliant reminisce about all things I.G.I.! What a perfect way to get to know one another.

See you again soon

The AMG Team.

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