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Mission Briefing #1 - The Spirit of I.G.I.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Hello everybody!

It’s the AntiMatter Games team here. We know it’s been a while since we gave you an update on I.G.I Origins. We want to be better at this, so going forward we are excited to start sharing more news and information about the game and the progress we are making. We posted our first update today, a video from our studio Managing Director and Game Director for I.G.I. Origins, Rich Barham, you can watch it

The most frequently asked question we receive from you is about the release date. We are working hard on the game, development is going really well and it’s going to be released in 2022. We’re not ready to share an exact release date just yet, but rest assured we’ll share more as soon as we can, so be sure to follow our I.G.I channels for updates.

Another question that we are asked is whether there is anyone from the original development team, Innerloop Studios, working on I.G.I. Origins? Many of the team at Antimatter Games are BIG fans of the original games, much like yourselves and whilst we don’t have anyone from Innerloop Studios working here, we are really passionate about keeping the spirit of the original games alive. Rich talks about this in his video and we are going to introduce you to more members of the team at the studio very soon! We want you to know we appreciate your support.

If you have questions or feedback please let us know on I.G.I. Origin's official Facebook, Twitter or Discord channel and we will do our best to answer as much as we can. Don’t forget to follow us on Steam or the I.G.I social channels either to catch all our latest updates.

Bye for now!

The AMG team.

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